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The air we breathe is a gas mixture mainly made up of oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N2).

In scuba diving, we use enriched air EANx, commonly called Nitrox. It is a gas mixture of O2 and N2 which contains more oxygen than air; we speak about over oxygenated mixture.

While normal air is composed of approximately 21% O2, this proportion can reach the 100% for a Nitrox mixture (in this case, we speak about pure oxygen). 

Nitrox diving has been practised for more than 50 years and offers unquestionable advantages on diving with air:

1° Increase of dive time without deco stop, or decrease of deco stop time for an equivalent dive time.

2° Improvement of the quality of the desaturation by the use of control means adjusted to air mode (computer or diving tables). This is deeply true, if the diver has a bad physical condition, stoutness, is old, or presents others factors facilitating the decompression sickness.

3° Increase of comfort after diving because less nitrogen was dissolved in the body.

Non decompression time limits 

You are already certified as Enriched Air / Nitrox diver?

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