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Tenerife Canary Islands and CABO Canarias

Tenerife, island of the Spanish archipelago of the Canaries, is a beautiful and generous island which gathers all the beauties of nature, immense cliffs, the valleys and gorges that cross sinuous roads, without mentioning the obviously omnipresent sea!
Mount Teide in winterThe whole dominated by the volcano Teide that rises to its majestic 3.718 metres and which is covered with snow in winter.

In Tenerife, life is sweet, and it does not prove unworthy of its name of "The island of eternal Spring", because all the year around it benefits from a soft climate moderated by the Trade Winds. In the south of the island during winter time, the temperatures hardly fall down below 18°C to raise around 25/30°C in the middle of the summer.

The Park: trekking all levels
Teide National Park - World Heritage UNESCO
And the best is that this small paradisiacal island is only at less than 5 hours flight from any European airport! 

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