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Slingshot Aqualung Slingshot fins, the Aqualung revolution on trial.
Since its coming out in 2008, we tried them every day. The futuristic fin which does not leave any diver indifferent on the bridge of the dive boats was used and tested under strenuous conditions.

A fin with jointsThe Slingshot use an innovating principle made with silicone power bands. Energy is accumulated there during the fining. It is in fact restored prior to the upstroke. A clever way to decrease muscular efforts.




The Slingshot is not a “flexible” or “hard” fin, it adapts simply to our needs. We can change the three settings under water without difficulty:

- 1: most flexible. Snorkelling or easy dive
- 2: intermediary: normal use
- 3: hard: if need be of more than power (surface swim, current…)

The Aqualung network distributes these fins, available in four colours (red, blue, black, and pink) and 3 sizes (Small, Regular, Large/XLarge).


One year use


The strap used for the tests is an accessory. It is a spring strap designed for Technisub fins. It allows a very good position of the feet in the foot pocket, even with current, and offers an incomparable ease to put on or remove the fins.

Here is a small video about the use of the fins in position 1 (the softest).
The output is more than correct: little energy is used for an average fining speed.

The maximum power is reached in the position 3 (hardest) and when all the whole leg is used for the propulsion.

The versatility is indeed appreciable and the muscular effort is reduced. The fin has good proportions; it is as easy to handle on boats as under water. In diving, the Slingshot always reached our expectations. It is a comfortable fin on a daily use basis, and it allows nice accelerations when necessary (did you already tried to shoot a swimming shark angel underwater?).

The fins are made with good quality materials. The mid-foot flex joints do not show any sign of wear, even after one year of intensive use.


Use without moderation


The power bands have a weak point, they do not like rocks. We had to replace them once. About this matter, they are available in 4 colours (red, gray, blue or pink), which makes it possible to identify the fins if needed. (Gray fins and red power bands for example).

- Versatility and reduced effort
- Comfortable foot pocket

- The sole is a little bit slippery

The Slingshot requires little experience to be operated and will satisfy many divers, from beginner to instructor. This fin, developed by Technisub, is a first of its category. The whole surface of the blade is used for the propulsion. A beautiful design.