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Whether you are a beginner or certified diver, our programs adapt to your needs. All our “scuba diving & snorkeling activities” are directly supervised by Philippe*. He puts all his skills at your service to ensure you VIP scuba diving and snorkelling programs:

Curious about the secrets of the Tenerife marine life? The Snorkeling excursion is an enthralling program made to discover the beauties of the ocean from its surface.

CABO canarias offers as well unforgettable guided local diving in Tenerife, but also training courses opened to all, from beginner to certified divers.

With CABO canarias, you have access to a large choice of training courses:

  • Try dive: your first  underwater experiences 
  • PADI: world leader in scuba diving education, affiliated with the WRSTC (World Recreational Scuba Training Council)

  • FFESSM / CMAS: the French scuba diving federation, affiliated with the CMAS (World Confederation of Underwater Activities)

  • Double qualification: enjoy the best of each diving eduction agency
  • NITROX: learn how to scuba dive with enriched air

CABOcanarias, dive at your own spaceWhy scuba dive in Tenerife?

Escape to a different world.
Scuba diving takes you to a different world with new colours, shapes, textures and creatures. A world without gravity that we can admir, photograph and share.

Explore new places.
CABO canarias frees you to explore the atypic underwater world of Tenerife, from shipwrecks to fantastic lava formations shaped by the volcanic activity of the island.

Experience a total connection with nature.
Scuba diving connects you with nature. We move freely in three dimensions in an undiscovered world, where each moment is unique. Please, feel free to visit our photo galleries to have an idea about what awaits you.

Aqualung in partnership with CABO Canarias
*All our “scuba diving” activities are done on reservation and according to our availability.